Health Minister Chen Zhu To Recognize The "milk" Back Into The Market - Milk, Milk Powder

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9, the NPC deputies, Health Minister Chen Zhu had sealed Melamine Milk powder Inflow to the market, health care reform and other hot spots, reporters interviewed.

Concentrated destroy tainted milk Inventory recently announced the results of milk powder
Reporter: Do you think Food Safety Coordination, health sector done for some of the powerless?
Chen Zhu: I think after the establishment of the State Council's Food Safety Commission, we have a very strong leadership, and Food Safety Committee and also an office, from the comprehensive coordination role, also played a supervisory role. I think the country under the leadership of the Food Safety Commission, the Ministry of Health to perform its functions in accordance with food safety law, then I think it will be more smooth.

Reporter: melamine milk powder are investigated and the destruction of Quality Supervision, Inspection Department, distribution of information is the health sector, in the material submitted, the information is not submitted in time?

Chen Zhu: It is very clear of. The formula we have the problem identification and destruction of action, should be said that all departments in step, the information is unimpeded, significant progress has been made. I think the recent specific departments will be announced to the public.

Found violations of individual enterprises Reporter: destroy a good way to find the effect?
Chen Zhu: No question, this was a technical problem, whether burning or landfill are readily available technology.

Reporter: Why did not completely destroying it?
Chen Zhu: It may be some technical reasons. We understand the health sector is, in fact, is precisely the problem because we recently found that from 2008 Sanlu milk powder Since the incident, strengthened supervision, and then find some other illegal behavior of individual enterprises. But overall, some of the problems the original milk, has been largely controlled by local government authorities, but destroyed some of the technical details, the original may still be some treatment and so on. So in this action, it should say that all problems have been resolved.

Part of the milk powder was not detected before
Reporter: Which sector these have been sealed into the melamine milk powder to the market?
Chen Zhu: This is not what the health sector, this is the business happen. Health sector is a problem found in these products, an outcrop discovered. As Shanghai's "Panda" formula, this is not the health sector already know the product and then to business to.

Reporter: That is to say Sanlu milk powder incident, we are part of the milk powder containing melamine has not been discovered and Storage?

Chen Zhu: very few places like this.
Reporter: We are not the regulatory authorities will carry out a similar one held accountable for this?

Chen Zhu: Of course. Therefore, places like Shanghai and Shaanxi, in fact, the relevant local government to pursue those responsible. These criminal enterprises have actually handed over the criminal investigation, and some have already done a deal with criminal matters. Be said that this action is a big commitment, we will see significant progress made. Me that these things are very responsible. According to "China Daily"

1 00,000 tons does not destroy the flow of milk cake Feed Industry
Two years ago, in some localities and enterprises are not reflexively defer to the central issue of the complete elimination of milk powder containing melamine, early this year, they again found the flow of milk feed and bakery industry, the industry is estimated that there were still 100,000 tons more toxic milk is not destroyed.

Government recently dispatched to 16 provinces have been sent to supervise a new round of investigation work, Shaanxi Province, the "suspected of producing, Sell Crime does not meet the health standards of food, "the arrest of four of Weinan City Dairy Employees, three of whom are staff of Le Hong Dairy Co., Ltd., the other is a milk dealer.
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Health Minister Chen Zhu To Recognize The "milk" Back Into The Market - Milk, Milk Powder

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Health Minister Chen Zhu To Recognize The "milk" Back Into The Market - Milk, Milk Powder

This article was published on 2011/01/03