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Milk Nutrient-rich, fatty. Protein, lactose, minerals and vitamins. Milk Fat particles is small, with short-chain fatty acids were emulsified state, easily digested and absorbed.

Health drink milk should not be, taken after heating See boiling milk at 100 degrees Celsius starting coking lactose, broken down into lactic acid and formic acid, lower nutritional value. Boiling milk for a long time the color brown, resin incense lower protein denaturation precipitate, vitamins are lost, baby milk containing anti-rotavirus diarrhea in the role of antibodies, were also destroyed.

Cooled boiled milk after the other sugar, milk, lysine and fructose in high fructose lysine formed, harmful. Sugar is acidic, milk calcium is basic, the two combined to make a lot of loss of calcium. Preferably without sugar. Fasting should not drink milk

Fasting body is hungry, needs energy stage. At this time milk protein when carbohydrates into energy will be consumed. Short residence time in the stomach, and soon discharge to the gut, not conducive to digestion and absorption. Should not contain tannic acid and oxalic acid

food with food, such as tea, sleeve. Lemon, red bayberry, pomegranate, looking for grass, bamboo, spinach. Contains a lot of oxalic acid and tannic acid for clots, not digestible absorption, destruction nutrition.

Milk should not be placed in the refrigerator freezer, to prevent fat separation of the casein protein, like water, tastes bad.

Milk should cool dark place, because after 30 minutes after sun exposure, vitamin B, C wiped out.

Easy to get milk to drink large quantities of cataract
France Laurent of nutrition experts confirmed that large quantities of milk, of which casein through the metabolism of cysteine, deposited on artery walls, easy to cause atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease. Also contains 5% lactose, milk enzymes in the body down into galactose, galactose excessive deposition in the crystal, so that protein denaturation, causing cataracts. Experts suggest that drinking 250 ml of milk every day the best.

Milk help you to sleep at night
Good night drinking milk help absorb the effects of rest and sleep better at night to drink milk, because milk contains a human can produce fatigue drowsiness biochemical properties L tryptophan, there is trace of morphine substances, such material has some sedative and hypnotic effects, in particular, L tryptophan is the main brain serotonin synthesis Raw material , On the brain serotonin plays a key role in sleep, it can temporarily inhibited brain thinking activity, which people want to sleep, and without any side effects, and milk in the stomach on absorption stick.

Calcium in milk can also remove the tension, so it is more beneficial to the elderly sleep, so good night milk is beneficial to people's rest and sleep.

Milk before bed is conducive to the absorption of calcium, calcium intake dinner, before going to bed most of the absorption by the body. After sleep, especially after 0:00 pm in the blood calcium level will gradually decrease, the decline in serum calcium, PTH promotes hypersecretion of hormones acting on bone tissue, so that part of bone tissue in calcium, dissolved into the blood to to maintain the stability of calcium balance. Such dissolution of the self-regulatory function of the body, a long time, will become one of the causes of osteoporosis.

Night before bed to drink milk, the calcium in milk can be slowly absorbed into the blood, the blood calcium at night have been added, to maintain balance, do not have to dissolve the calcium in bone, preventing bone loss, osteoporosis, Therefore, drinking milk before going to bed good.
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How Best To Drink Milk - Milk, Milk - Food Industry - Limbs Guard - Finger Splint

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