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Japan's milk is processed to extract milk , nutrition and the general standard formula similar. However, most Japanese milk probiotics Are added . Probiotics , such as oligosaccharides, can increase the number of bowel movements and softens the stool . In fact, breast milk also contains a variety of natural oligosaccharides, breast-fed babies are usually more frequent bowel movements , stool is soft ; but eat fewer bowel movements baby milk powder , and even constipation. So the baby is suffering from constipation , eat Japanese milk may be a slight help; but for sick infants and young children , especially in the first few months of birth , such as a fever or diarrhea , this may increase the risk of dehydration . Parents should note that only some Japanese label milk , if the methods of preparation is not correct, or will affect the child.

Fed baby milk case occurred in the first year after it is out of physical problems , nothing to do with the sick . Two months has begun to dislike milk , not normal , the problem may be related to milk itself. Part of the baby milk powder would appear sensitive protein in the reaction to stomach discomfort, your baby will not express in words , there will be crying and tired of milk performance. For fed milk to resolve the law: if the baby because of the sensitive and fed milk, milk powder is a feasible way to turn . Some set out on the market without bovine protein Japanese milk Or soy milk , but note that 15% of the bovine protein -sensitive babies would also sensitive to soy milk . Time eating and rest , the baby is very important , parents should not eat less Zuo and encryption baby feeding times. Aberdeen early feeding paste , but this method only applies to at least 4 months old baby.

If a baby is not drinking under the age of breast milk, formula milk is the only alternative . Now on sale types of formula milk powder brand in Japan many, most people through friends , books , advertising or the media to make choices; others to consult medical advice. Special Formula : Designed for babies with special health needs designed , such as " soy milk formula , "" lactose-free formula , "" hypoallergenic formula . " When parents choose formula milk in Japan also to consider the following factors: the quality of milk powder , clear labeling .

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protein Japanese milk

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This article was published on 2010/10/06