The Health Benefits of Raw Milk

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Kefir, Raw Milk and other raw dairy products from cows that graze on green pastures are now known to be safe and extremely healthy. Once more they are considered to be a "living food" or raw food.

Kefir, similar conceptually to Raw Milk, is much stronger in strains of friendly flora and gaining popularity with Americans. Kefir is enlivened milk, milk that has been cultured and thus extremely rich in probiotic rich flora, enzymes, and the healthy bacteria that keeps our guts healthy by preparing our bodies to digest and assimilate nutrients.

Raw Milk is also gaining popularity because it is not pasteurized and therefore the wide range of good bacteria, enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids (if the cows are grass fed), are left in tact. It is like Kefir in that it is a "living food". The life in the Kefir and milk are what contribute to inspiring a healthy immune system. When the immune system is strengthened then healing takes place for diseases caused by a weak immune system. An example is Asthma.

Some people and government agencies are concerned about the safety of Raw Milk. With intensive testing and rigorous farming practices, Organic Pastures Raw Milk Dairy in California has never found any pathogens in their milk for over seven years. Safety is even further enhanced by new safety techniques that have never been used before.

There are some states where Raw Milk producing is legal and some where it is not. There is a trend emerging for raw foods and living foods because the farming practices of the past fifty years has left our soil and food supply devoid of the nutrients and life giving properties we need to maintain our health.

It is quite unimaginable too many people to think that dairy of any kind can be healing or healthy, not to mention a living food. But, consider this. A grass fed cow has done to grass what no human could ever do. A cow grazed in the sunshine on organic grass produces a healthy beverage that is full of life and life giving properties. When this milk is enlivened with a culture and then fermented, it becomes an even more vibrant beverage armored with the defense our systems need for a healthy digestive track.

Kefir is so easy to make and is so delicious. A small amount in the morning can set up enough intestinal flora to aide the digestive track for an entire day. If one does not have grass fed - raw living milk in their state, it is advantage to at least enliven conventional milk - goats milk preferred into a lively probiotic treat.

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The Health Benefits of Raw Milk

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This article was published on 2010/03/28